Flag of Lebanon
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Some important info...

National Name: Al-Jamhouriya al-Lubnaniya
National Anthem: Koullouna lil Watan
Area: 10452 km2 (4035.52 sq. mi.)
Coastal: 225 km
Population (2007): 3,925,502
Density per km2 (2007): 377
Capital: Beirut
Largest Cities: Beirut, Tripoli, Sidon, Tyre, Zahleh

- Direct code in: +961
- Direct code out: 00
- Phone codes for major cities:
  Beirut: (0)1 - Tripoli: (0)6 - Sidon/Tyre/Nabatiyeh: (0)7
  Zahleh/Shtoura: (0)8 - Byblos/Jounieh: (0)9
- Cellular/Mobile phone: 03, 7x - from abroad: +961-03-xxxxxx, +961-7x-xxxxxx

Network Name Network Code Network Frequency
alfa 415 01 900 MHz
MTC LIBAN 415 03 900 MHz

Monetary Unit: Lebanese pound (Lira)
Time: GMT +2 (GMT +3 summer time from last Sunday in March til last Saturday in October)
Official Languages: Arabic, French
Spoken Languages: Arabic, French, English, Armenian

Independence Day: 22 Nov. 1943
Member: Arab League, La Francophonie, United Nations

National Assembly: 128 MP
Lebanon is governed by a President elected by Parliament for a six-year term, and a Cabinet of Ministers appointed by the President but responsible to Parliament. The unicameral Parliament has 128 members elected for a four-year term by universal suffrage and chosen by proportional divisions of religious groups.

Economic summary:
Gross domestic product (2006): $22.86 billion
Per capita income (2006): $5,900
Arable land: 16.35%
Principal products: citrus fruits, vegetables, potatoes, tabacco, olives, shrimp
Labor force: 1.5 million in industry, commerce and services
Major products: processed foods, textiles, cement, chemicals, refined oil
Exports: fruits, vegetables, textiles
Imports: metals, machinery, foodstuffs
Major trading partners: Arab countries, Europe, China and USA

President Michel Aoun

The Lebanese President
Michel Aoun

Lebanon by Tyros