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Launched on
22 Feb, 2001

Last Update:
12 Jul, 2008


Lebanon, the Cedars' Land
Tyros i-mode Pages

Welcome to i-mode, the wide spreading wireless media system in Japan. Lebanon, the Cedars' Land is the First Lebanese Web Page to go wireless on the i-mode system. The i-mode service was developed by the Japanese Wireless Company NTT DoCoMo in 1999. After 2 years of service the number of subscribers reached above 20 Millions and is increasing exponentially. The i-mode system is like WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) and offers various wireless services, such as access to e-mail, i-mode pages, chat..., etc.

To access Tyros i-mode Pages from your i-mode enabled Mobile Phone, just key in the following URL or scan the barcode below: