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13 Nov, 2001

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17 Aug, 2013


Lebanon, the Cedars' Land
Tyros Mobile Site

Welcome to Tyros Mobile Site. Lebanon, the Cedars' Land has been optimized for Mobile Phones, Smartphones, iPhones and iPod Touch, Pocket PCs and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant). Lebanon, the Cedars' Land has also been optimized for WAP, the European Wireless Application Protocol, and for i-mode, the Japanese wireless media system.

You can view Tyros Mobile Site in two different ways. First, by typing the URL directly into your Mobile browser. Secondly, by scanning the barcode on the right.

For online access, please type the following URL in your mobile browser:


You can print our Mobile Ad and put it in Coffee Shops, Restaurants, or any Business to help promote the Mobile Site. Thank You!

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