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Launched on
17 Dec, 1999

Last Update:
12 Jul., 2008


Lebanon, the Cedars' Land
Tyros WAP Cards

Welcome to WAP, the Wireless Application Protocol. Lebanon, the Cedars' Land is the First Lebanese Web Page to go Wireless. It is estimated that in two years time the Internet will become Wireless. For this purpose a WAP was developed as a New Wireless Technology. Many big companies are following the new trend. With the Wireless Application Protocol you will be able to surf the Internet, send emails, chat with friends..., etc. All this while walking down the street, sitting in a coffee shop... And all that you need is a Digital Mobile (Cellular) Phone that supports WAP and also a Mobile Service Provider that offers this new Protocol.

To access Tyros WAP Cards from your WAP-enabled Mobile Phone, just key in the following URL:

New Update
Tyros WAP Cards are now somehow obsolete. I recommend that you use the following URL, which displays pages in color:

Nokia 7110